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Services to Tackle Damage From Water, Fire & Mold

When your home faces an emergency from the elements, you shouldn’t have to coordinate with various companies for a set of services. That’s why Ark Restoration Services covers several situations you might encounter: damage from water, fire, and mold. Based in Oneonta, AL, we travel through Birmingham and Huntsville to provide expert restoration services.

Don’t let water ruin your home or office. Also, if you smell something suspicious, turn to us for mold testing. We have the tools and knowledge to identify or save you from an infestation. If the problem’s already severe, we offer services in mold damage restoration. Finally, fire creates equal or more harm to one’s property. When you encounter such an emergency, contact us for mold damage restoration.

Also: no need to navigate the complexities, time, and stress of insurance claims. Through our extensive experience, we’re able to handle the claims process with your provider for you.

Reconstruction in Oneonta, AL

Call us today at 205-353-6817 for mold testing or any of our services in damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration

Water can eat at your property. You can find damage related to your roof, a plumbing leak, or flooding. Also, if unresolved, the water and resulting humidity can lead to mold. Water damage might not be readily seen. It can occur behind furniture, walls, and other areas. Don’t let the issue snowball. Know that you have a well-trained, experienced team to help.

Our professionals will arrive on site and immediately focus on lessening the damage. In doing so, we reduce the amount of permanent damage done by the water and save you from repair or renovation costs arising down the road. In addition to our knowledge and experience, we make sure to employ the right tools and equipment to work quickly and thoroughly.

Water Damage Restoration in Oneonta, AL
Fire Damage Restoration in Oneonta, AL

Fire Damage Restoration

Electrical and non-electrical fires can leave devastating effects on one’s home or office and impose great stress on the family or business owner. When your property’s suffered from fire damage, contact a caring, experienced team. We’re here to restore your place and give you greater peace of mind.

Like water damage, we quickly focus on minimizing the flame’s effects on your building’s structure and the contents inside. Along the way, for instance, we use safe cleanup methods designed to help restore your home or workplace to its original state. Proper cleanups are sometimes needed for you to successfully repaint your walls or ceilings. For greater detail on our process, we:

  • Remove residue and protect you from hazardous electronics
  • Employ a variety of cleaning types – dry, wet, abrasive, and more – to help restore your building
  • Dry (air, freeze, or vacuum thermal) or dehumidify your documents to protect them from more significant damage

If your property recently suffered damage from a fire, contact us today for help.

Fire Damage Restoration in Oneonta, AL

Mold Damage Restoration

With the elements and humidity, Alabama can prove a hotbed for mold. The fungus can weaken your home’s infrastructure, create breathing problems for you and your family, and cause many other structural and bodily harm.

As the homeowner, you can limit mold growth by drying out areas with, for example, dehumidifiers. However, moisture can seep into the walls, making the fungus more difficult to remove.

Contact our team to locate and restore those affected areas in your house. Also, after flooding occurs, we strongly recommend you reach out to us within 48 hours to clean the area and make sure mold (not always visible, but present) goes away.

Mold Damage Restoration in Oneonta, AL
Mold Testing in Oneonta, AL

Mold Testing

In addition to structural and bodily harm from mold, the fungus can hurt your home’s price if you plan to put the property on the market. Older houses – those with damp basements that lack insulation – are at increased risk for mold. Turn to our professionals. We have the knowledge and equipment to test for mold and mildew and offer a list of robust remedial services.

Mold Testing in Oneonta, AL
Emergency Board-up services in Oneonta, AL

Emergency Board-Up Services

Be better prepared for natural disasters. Ark Restoration Services offers a wealth of board-up services to help you.

Roof Tarping

Roof tarping helps protect your home from water and wind damage when a storm blows through your neighborhood.

Comprehensive Door & Window Board-Ups

To also better protect yourself from an approaching storm, choose our experienced team to properly board up your windows and doors.

Remediation for Damages

When the storm or another natural disaster has cleared, contact us to come in, assess the damage, and begin the restoration process to return your home to a safe state.

Emergency Board-up services in Oneonta, AL
Reconstruction Services in Oneonta, AL

Reconstruction Services

After the fire or flood has stopped, your home or office may need reconstruction services. If that occurs, turn to Ark Restoration Services. We have the skills and resources to help return your property to normal. Call or email us today to learn more about our reconstruction services!

Reconstruction Services in Oneonta, AL


We care for your property’s contents, too! We provide cleaning, packing, inventory, and storage while your property is undergoing a restoration service. We also have a portable, ultrasonic drying system to clean any contents in.
Content Storage in Oneonta, AL
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