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The Dangers Of Mold Damage

Mold is one of the most common problems that can face homeowners who live in climates where high humidity, heavy rainfall, or flooding are a way of life. Mold is unsightly and its growth can have adverse effects on the infrastructure of the home - but mold damage is not only limited to the physical infrastructure of buildings - the damage to the human body can be as devastating as the damage to bricks, mortar, wood, plaster and furnishings.

People with prolonged exposure to mold spores can suffer from extremely serious breathing problems, those suffering from allergies can be in very real danger of serious health issues. even a healthy individual can find themselves suffering from insomnia, headaches, adverse blood pressure changes, liver and kidney damage, nausea, rashes and difficulty focusing on complex tasks.

The speed at which mold can grow requires that the homeowner be ever vigilant - in cases where the home has been exposed to water damage or where humid conditions are prevalent mold spores can start to germinate within 48 hours (however, mold growth may only be visible to the naked eye after three weeks) - and once mold starts to grow it spreads extremely quickly.

There are steps that the homeowner can take to limit the growth and spread of mold. These include drying out areas completely - and in the case of flooding, this can be extremely challenging. It is not simply a case of opening doors and windows and letting nature take its course. Using dehumidifiers that are available from retail outlets will also not get the job done efficiently.

The problem with mold

The problem is that even if visible moisture has been eliminated it almost inevitably still lurks in wall cavities and in areas such as carpet underlays, under tiling, and beneath baseboards.

To get the job done quickly (the window of opportunity after flooding can be as little as 48 hours) it is necessary to enlist the help of professionals who specialize in drying services.

Professional drying service providers use industrial-grade machinery such as air movers and large capacity dehumidifiers to ensure that every last trace of moisture is dealt with in order to ensure that the danger of mold damage is eliminated. The drying process is fast and effective - and the speed at which it happens is key to stopping mold in its tracks.

Avoiding the issue of mold and not acting timeously can have the aforementioned negative effects on health and the structure of the home - as well as on soft furnishings which provide mold with the perfect surface on which to grow. However, the sheer cost of ignoring mold growth can be staggering. Insurance claims can total thousands of dollars due to the fact that mold can cause irreparable damage. The costs in increased insurance premiums alone can adversely affect the financial well-being of the household. It is also worth remembering that in extreme cases entire structures have been abandoned due to uncontrolled mold growth and the dangers certain types of mold represent.

If your home has been subject to water damage contact a professional service provider as quickly as possible in order to protect your family's health - and your most prized possessions - not to mention your most expensive investment - your property.

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